compels each individual to take full responsibility for professing a Spiritual lifestyle and deeper understanding of the Word. We encourage everyone to learn how to FIX 1: YOURSELF, by living 1-on-1 in the Will of EHYEH | YAH / which is to have faith in Immanu'El. Our number one priority is setting people Free from the bondage of sin and religion. The immediate purpose of FIX 1 MINISTRY is to share Eternal SALVATION which provides greater Life. 

Salvation is NOT a religious practice! It's as natural as Lifeguards saving drowning victims at the ocean or in emergency situations. Immanu'EL saves everyone drowning in sin, illness and financial failure; no matter who you are. Health and Prosperity are a result of EHYEH | YAH /gift of Righteousness! Manmade religion cannot give this gift!

Type of Organization:
Non-Religious, non-profit and Spirit filled with the humanistic goal of 
uniting Elohiym's Children into a Spiritual family. We accept Eternal Life through IMMANU'EL Ha MashiachFree of any charge!  He paid the priceand we cannot buy our way into Heaven. His blessings are yours, FREE of Charge or any ongoing financial burden.



Fix 1 Ministry believes that man made religions are the problem! Actually, there is a decisive fork in the road of life, where the paths of Truth and Religion divide. Truth is the unquestionable pathway leading to IMMANU'EL HA MASHIACH.  NO Religion has ever fulfilled the Living Word of YAH, Not One! The business of religion has done grave evil throughout history and its evil domain continues.

Focusing on HIS Word is the most powerful antidote against sin. His Word gives birth to the Ruach/Spirit and the Ruach gives birth to Eternal Life. HIS Word is all you need! His Word sets us Free from weaknesses and enriches Life Forever! When we intake His unique Word, we become more like Him and less religious, ritualistic and judgmental of others.

It's an undeniable fact that freedom - from - religion empowers the mind and soul. Yes, freedom gives us greater independence for a direct relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit / Ruach Ha Kodesh. YES, freedom from religion gives a more truthful, evolved and loving perspective of life.  Otherwise, religiosity is a mere waste of time and money for the practitioner.  Further, religion is not required for Righteousness nor to receive Eternal Life! STOP practicing religion and start experiencing His lasting Spiritual Freedom, Power and Growth through the Living Word of YAH through his HA MASHIACH IMMANU'EL!

MATTHEW 23:8-12

You are not to let yourselves be called 'Rabbi; because you have one Rabbi,
and you are all each other's brothers.  And do not call anyone on Earth 'Father,' because you have one 'Father' and he is in heaven. Nor are you to let yourselves be called 'leaders,' because you have one Leader, and he is the Ha Mashiach! The greatest among you must be your servant, for whoever promotes himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be promoted.                                      IMMANU'EL