Serving humanity is an ultimate privilege and honor.  By Serving, we sow into the lives of others.
In effect, Serving/Sowing creates lasting impressions upon souls.  Thereby, we reap bountifully
from our Eternal Father EHYEH / YHWH יהוה.  In order to become an accomplished servant,
it's imperative that each servant first fixes their Unrighteousness (SELF).

Foremost, become a stellar example of righteous deeds, good character and actions.  Otherwise,
hypocrisy will overshadow the attempts to achieve a sincere will for helping others.   For indeed,
the greatest among us is the one who is servant to all:

LUKE 22:26

"But not so with you!  On the contrary, let the greater among you become like the younger,
one who rules like one who serves."

Serving is a wise choice! Its implementation curtails suffering in our world. Imagine, if we would
all help those in need; there would be no needy people! If, each person would fall in love with
service regarding the benefit of one's neighbor; we could transform hatred, bigotry and religious
disparity. The problem is most people would rather do the will of religion, instead of honoring the
Servant Will of Immanu’El Aviad Sar Shalom.

YA'AKOV 1: 27

"The religious observance that EHYEH / YHWH יהוה the Father considers pure and faultless
is this: to care for
orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being
contaminated by the world."